This position is for those of your acquaintances who

  • have an expert level in political petitioning skills
  • have a vision and can federate around it
  • are convinced that sustainable development will come to pass only through profound transformation of our societies
  • genuinely believes in the value of research and expertise.

Drawing on and valorising this expertise, the director will be required to define policy change objectives with a view to achieving the sustainable development of international institutions, including the European Union, and major key countries.
He/she will be able to draw on the work of around forty colleagues, including a significant number of researchers in the fields of biodiversity, boardroom practice, the climate, mobility issues and agriculture.

Director of Programmes

Please apply in French only



Founded in 2001, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), identifies the conditions and develops the tools for putting sustainable development at the heart of the international relations and public policy agenda. It acts on various levels, be it in international cooperation, or at government, local authority or company level.

To conduct its mission, IDDRI draws on the work of forty staff. They are for the most part researchers tackling the following issues:

  • Climate change and the implementation of the Paris Agreement;
  • The damage done to biodiversity and ecosystems and the follow up on the Aichi objectives;
  • Oceans, in particular the governance of the high seas;
  • The 2030 sustainable development agenda including development finance and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


With a strong knowledge of sustainable development issues, a deep understanding of political interactions between stakeholders in the formulation of policies, and of the obstacles and opportunities for their implementation, the Director of Programmes is informed of and analyses the policy-making and implementation process at a national, European and international level.

He/she uses IDDRI’s researchers’ work and recommendations to inform these policy-making negotiations.

In collaboration with the Executive Committee, he/she is responsible for IDDRI’s strategic research plan and ensures its political relevancy to the achievement of sustainable development.
He/she directly leads and manages a dozen programme directors and initiatives in various fields of research.

The overall goal is the pertinent use of expertise to influence stakeholders, including diplomats in charge of international negotiation, the key European Commission decision-makers, European MP’s as well as ministerial advisors both in France and in Europe.



Under the supervision of the Director General and in coordination with the other members of the executive committee, he/she:

  • Monitors the sustainable development decision making and execution processes on a national, European and international level and represents IDDRI at the various negotiation tables.
  • Takes part in the development of institutional partnerships, networks and alliances with IDDRI’s stakeholders at national and international level (research bodies, think tanks, private companies, government and governmental agencies).
  • Defines IDDRI’s strategic research plan which will have both political pertinence and scientific legitimacy and will include political and scientific monitoring, consultation of stakeholders, taking the lead with the programme directors and initiative coordinators, assessing and reporting on the programmes, tabling new orientations, etc.
  • Steers the implementation of the plan by the research teams in coordination with the Communication and Development Director: formulation and dissemination of key messages to target audiences, finding appropriate ways of heightening their impact (publications, lectures etc.), assessment of new projects’ political and scientific coherence in respect of strategic orientation and the stakeholders implication in the projects, forging interconnections between research teams etc.
  • Manages the programme and initiative directors: annual performance reviews, skill development, accompanying change, hirings, etc.




All through the hiring process, candidates’ skills will have to be demonstrated through his/her experience and professional narrative.

To develop IDDRI’s impact strategy, The Programme Director will need to have at least twelve years experience, including the following specific items.



  • Experience and results in the shaping of the public policy decision-making process. Excellent understanding or experience of the process of political decision-making and how to contribute to the formulation of public policy specifically in the international context but also in the EU and national contexts.
  • Excellent understanding of the European and international political context and of multilateral cooperation; good knowledge of a multi-stakeholder context (central and local government and their administrations, the private sector, research organisations, NGO’s); strong ability for building strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • Management experience to an equivalent level (approximately 10 directors and 20 research staff) or the potential to rise to this level.
  • Experience of interaction in an international context.
  • Good understanding of how scientific knowledge is produced.
  • Excellent communication skills in French and English. Non-Francophone candidates will need more than a working knowledge of French even if it takes him/her a few months to get back up to speed
  • Ability to plan, prioritise, and organise his/her’s own work and that of his/her team; ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to learn and to promote change. Great flexibility and adaptability to the political environment.



  • An advanced university degree in economics, international relations, political science, or environmental studies.
  • Experience in or with the research community
  • Experience in coordinating highly-qualified researchers working in various disciplines and hailing from various countries



  • Permanent contract, French « cadre » status.
  • Salary: €70,000 pa
  • The position is based in IDDRI’s Paris office. Extensive travel required.
  • Please apply in French only




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Orientation Durable is committed to carefully examining all applications without any discrimination, as required by French law (Article L1132-1 of the Code du Travail) and based solely on a candidate’s skills being those required for the position.

Whatever the outcome of the hiring process, Orientation Durable is committed to contacting all candidates, either by email or by telephone, to provide feedback on their application.