Freelance assignment proposal: freelance journalist (Spanish or English)

Orientation Durable is a small French recruitment company working for organizations such as Oxfam, Greenpeace and Amnesty.

We are looking for freelance journalists in Argentina for occasional collaborations as part of an international newsletter project on our themes.


  • Written English C1/C2 (preferred but not required).
  • B2 spoken English or French essential for exchanges with the Orientation Durable team (required).
  • Writing experience and references ( required).
  • Self-employed status (Monotributista) (required).
  • Preferred training : Journalism, Social Communications, International Politics, English teacher with a background in related fields (gender, environmentalist, international politics).

Project features
The project is still in the planning stage: we’re still deliberating on the editorial line, which will focus on international debate around social, economic, cultural and environmental issues, and the meetings in march will concentrate mainly on studying its feasibility.

What we know for sure:
The articles will be in English on the site but can be delivered in Spanish.
They will be between 1,000 and 4,000 words long.
They will deal with themes likely to be of interest to people from different countries involved in international NGOs.
We’re giving priority to the written word, but don’t rule out audiovisual media. The frequency will be reduced at first, to around one a month, or even less.
If the editorial project is different, the website Le Grand Continent is one of the approaches we find interesting for its extra-European analysis of situations.

Deadline if possible: February 20
A member of the Sustainable Orientation team will be in Argentina in March and would like to take the opportunity to meet candidates. It’s important to note that, to avoid creating false expectations, everything is still in draft form with no certainty of validation. The meetings in march will mainly serve to study, at this stage, the feasibility and reality of the project.

If you’re interested, play along below.

Call for applications

Do you have self-employed status (Monotributista)?(Nécessaire)

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